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Advanced Composites

Bumper Component

Material and Processes:

Moldex works with range of fibres, resins, sandwich construction including thermoplastics. We are specialised in hand lamination and autoclave or oven curing of parts made from either and/or carbon & glass fibre/epoxy prepreg (also known as graphite fibre) . We also use vinyl-ester for corrosion resistance and economy and cynate-ester for higher temperature applications.

Current alternative processes are epoxy Resin Film Infusion, also available reinforced with Carbon Nano Tubes.


  • Composites & metallic tooling, design and manufacturing
  • Design & structural analysis
  • Complex Composite components & Assemblies including inserts and core materials.
  • Volume production components circa 1000 units/week
  • Thermoset and thermoplastic materials
  • Hand laminated prepreg autoclave components
  • CNC and hand trimmed bonded assemblies.


Moldex is specialized in the realization of specific components for various applications. With our own development department, we provide solutions for an optimized implementation and offer a completely integrated project chain, from engineering, tooling, production to mass production.

Composites and Advanced Composites

Composite components are increasingly accepted and well-known for light weighting solutions for high-value yachts, high value performance bikes, motor bikes, cars to aeroplanes.

Benefits and main characteristics of composite materials:

  • High mechanical properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low density, hence very high specific properties
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Flexibility to make complex shapes and achieve varied properties

Moldex Composites has end-to-end capabilities, from product design and engineering services, to tooling, manufacture, testing and finishing. From initial briefing through to delivery, all aspects of the process are monitored by a proven, robust Quality Management System.

Lamp Shade



UAV Blade Assembly